Surf Poncho Towels

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Surf Poncho Towels

A must have for every surfer? Nah! They are cool to have though.  Nothing like feeling lazy after a surf and just throwing a surf poncho towel on and hanging out in the parking lot with mates talking about the waves you just had.  Ideal to wear the poncho while removing your wetsuit in the parking lot for privacy.

What is a Surf Poncho Towel?

A surf poncho is made from towel like material and is shaped like a Mexican poncho.  Not that the poncho came from Mexico like most people believe, but they actually originated in the Andes of South America.  A surf poncho usually has a hooded and 2 arm holes.  Some have longer sleeves than others.

What materials are surf ponchos made from?

- Towel material. Some thick and some thin just like the quality of a bath towel.  Can be thin and lightweight or thick and heavier.  All depends on what you prefer.

- Microfibre which is synthetic and traps heat better than cotton which is ideal when you are cold from the surf.

- Any material you want to make one from or buy.

Poncho Towel Surfers

Surf Poncho Material

Should you buy a surf poncho?

Yeah, might as well grab one, throw it in the car and see how good it feels to put one on after you get out of the water from the surf, diving, boating or whatever you do in the water.

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