New Longboard Fins from Shapers

Posted by Jodie Solorio on

Published 2018-12-05

We are pleased to release Shapers all new longboard box fins. The new fins consist of 3 series of fins, Pivot, Gatto and Flex fin series.  Each longboard fin is made of solid fibreglass made from a large glass panel.  The glass panels are made from 40-50 sheets of fibreglass glass.  The layers of glass are made up of different pigments that when sanded produce a nice retro style multi colour layered look.  Our favourite is the yellow,red and blue look.

Below are a few of the fins from each series or you can view all of the fins here.

Pivot Series Shapers

8.25" Flex Fin

9.75" Gatto Fin - Greenough

George Greenough template inspired

Pivot Longboard Box Fin Series

8.8" D-Fin from the Pivot Series


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