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Wetsuit - Nineplus - 2/1 Retro Full Suit - Smooth Skin

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$240.00 (You save $159.00)

Product Description

Nineplus Wetsuits - 2/1 Retro Full Suit - Smooth Skin 

The main wetsuit in the Nineplus range, available in various thicknesses but as a rule go thinner. If you want 4/3mm buy 3/2mm. If you want 3/2mm go for 2/1mm – you got it, the thinner the better and we slice the sheets real thin so that you win.

  • Material: Yamamoto 39 / High stretch Nylon with 6006 stretch in crotch, under arms and back of knees.
  • Thickness: Options are 3/2mm and 2/1mm
  • Temperature:            

           2/1mm - 14-19°C  (58-66°F) 

           3/2mm - 12-17°C  (55-62°F)

  • Seams: Watertight and outta sight blind stitched with Japanese complete seal glue
  • Weight: 1.3kg for the 3/2mm
  • Drying Time: 30 Minutes


If you are wondering which size suit would be the best suited to your height and weight, first measure yourself and then use our sizing chart below. The main measurement to go from is your height, measured from the floor to the top of your head. Grab how tall your are and then give yourself a weigh. Once you've got your weight - use those to find your best suited size on the chart below.

If you are between sizes, and for example on the upper range of a Small, but the lower range of a Medium - go for a Small because the suits will have the stretch to accommodate the upper ranges.

If you are for example taller but of a lower body weight, aim for a suit size that suits your height over your weight.

Remember: We are here to help - so if the size you order is not quite right, you can always return it for another size.

We have included the other measurements (Neck, Chest, Waist, Hip and Inseam) as a guide and reference point. The two main measurements to base your size on are how tall you are, and how much you weigh.

Mens Sizing Chart for 2012 Wetsuits

    S   M   MT   L   LT   XL   XLT   XXL
Weight lbs 135-145   150-160   160-175   180-190   190-200   200-215   215-225   220-235
  kg 61-66   68-73   73-79   82-86   86-91   91-98   98-102   100-107
Height ft 5'7"-5'9''   5'9"-5'11"   5'10"-6'   5'1 0"-6'   6'-6'2"   6'-6'2"   6'1"-6'3"   6'1 "-6'3"
  cm 170-175   175-180   178-183   178-183   183-188   183-188   185-190   185-190
Chest in 34.5"-36.5"   36.5"-38.5"   37.5"-39.5"   38"-40"   39"-41 "   40"-42"   40.5"-42.5"   41 "-43"
  cm 87.5-93   93-98   95-100   97-102   99.5-104.5   102-107   103-108   104-109
Waist in 31 "-33"   33"-35"   34"-36"   34.5"-36.5"   35.5"-37.5"   36"-38"   36.5"-38.5"   37"-39"
  cm 79-84   84-89   86-91   88-93   90-95   92-97   93-98   94-99

Product Reviews

  1. Smooth Retro 

    Posted by Greyhound on 31st Mar 2014

    Great wetsuits, top quality japanese neoprene, light weight, comfortable, quick drying, look good, stoked!!

  2. nine plus 2/1 retro full suit 

    Posted by paul on 19th Mar 2014

    man these wetsuit are good.! 
    first of all. the cut/shaping on these wetsuit are amazing.
    I pulled the wetsuit over my legs I couldn't believe how well it conformed to my body. Over the torso the wettie was tight and pulling it over my arms I thought I'd made a mistake , felt like it was going to be too small. But due to the thinness and quality of the neoprene plus the very precise sculptured cut of the wetsuit it fits like a glove. Here in lies the secret of these wetties. Thinner wetsuit and smooth outer skin means a lot less water absorption. Whatever water that is absorped is quickly heated up with your core body temperature, then locked in by the smoothie neoprene, genius stuff. Warm as toast, and when the sun hits that black wettie more heat is charged into your wetsuit. Believing is wearing one. Only downside is 2 surfs and the wetsuit has a couple of nicks in the neoprene skin , I think from my fins. May try a little sikaflex to patch nick. I knew these wetsuit were not going to be as robust as nylon based wetsuits, but the warmth factor is so much better it is ridiculous.
    And they look way way cool, most of my mates are very impressed and are considering jumping on the bandwagon, and grabbing one for winter.
    cheers Paul

  3. Awesome material 

    Posted by Rob on 11th Aug 2012

    ...just as promised, super comfortable and water tight. keeps you cosy and dry in no time!
    Happy days!




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