Nineplus Wetsuits - 2013 - 3/2 Ladies Catsuit - Smooth Skin
Nineplus Wetsuits - 2013 - 3/2 Ladies Catsuit - Smooth Skin
Nineplus Wetsuits - 2013 - 3/2 Ladies Catsuit - Smooth Skin
Nineplus Wetsuits - 2013 - 3/2 Ladies Catsuit - Smooth Skin
Nineplus Wetsuits - 2013 - 3/2 Ladies Catsuit - Smooth Skin
Nineplus Wetsuits - 2013 - 3/2 Ladies Catsuit - Smooth Skin


Nineplus Wetsuits - 2013 - 3/2 Ladies Catsuit - Smooth Skin

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Nineplus Wetsuits - 2013 Womens 3/2mm "Catsuit" - Smooth Skin

Ladies Catsuit

Our full suit especially designed for the ladies, by listening to the ladies. Its warm, comfortable, sexy and iconic. Features a slight hip for a great fit and a front zip for ease of entry while getting in and out.

The entire Nineplus wetsuit range is produced exclusively with Yamamoto Smooth Skin #39 Neoprene from Japan. By using this type of rubber, the suit not only takes on less water, but prevents any water contained within the suit from being cooled by the wind - which is the main reason why you get cold while in the water.

The suits feature full blindstiched and glued seams and feature hidden zippers, key pockets and silicon taping in the arms and legs.

  • Material: Yamamoto 39 / High stretch Nylon with 6006 stretch in crotch, under arms and behind the knees.
  • Thickness: 3/2mm
  • Temperature:            

          3/2mm - 12°C+ or (55°F+)

  • Seams: Watertight and outta sight blindstitched with Japanese complete glue seal
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Drying Time: 30 mins 


If you are wondering which size suit would be the best suited to your height and weight, first measure yourself and then use our sizing chart below. The main measurement to go from is your height, measured from the floor to the top of your head. Grab how tall your are and then give yourself a weigh. Once you've got your weight - use those to find your best suited size on the chart below.

If you are between sizes, and for example on the upper range of a Small, but the lower range of a Medium - go for a Small because the suits will have the stretch to accommodate the upper ranges.

If you are for example taller but of a lower body weight, aim for a suit size that suits your height over your weight.

Remember: We are here to help - so if the size you order is not quite right, you can always return it for another size.

We have included the other measurements (Neck, Chest, Waist, Hip and Inseam) as a guide and reference point. The two main measurements to base your size on are how tall you are, and how much you weigh.

Ladies Sizing Chart for 2013 Wetsuits

    S   M       L       XL       XXL
Weight lbs 96-116   104-124       111-131       120-140       126-146
  kg 44-53   47-56       50-60       55-64       57-66
Height ft 5'2"-5'4"   5'4"-5'6"       5'5"-5'7"       5'7"-5'9"       5'9"-5'11 "
  cm 157-162   162-167       165-170       170-175       175-180
Chest in 34-36   36-38       37-39       49-41       40-42
  cm 87-92   92-97       94-99       99-104       105-107
Waist in 28-30   30-32       31-33       33-35       34-36
  cm 71-76   76-81.5       79-84       84-89       86.5-91.5

Product Reviews

  1. Great warm suit 

    Posted by Liz from Coffs ;) on 10th Jul 2013

    Purchased the suit a few weeks ago. Absolutely happy with it. Super stretchy, light weight, warm, easy to get on and off, great cut, looks great and I got lots of compliments already. I really can recommend the yamamoto material - Nine Plus suit.
    Customer service is absolutely excellent, easy to deal with and got the suit sent in no time :)




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