Scarfini Fins - FX Manta - (Future) Medium
Scarfini Fins - FX Manta - (Future) Medium
Scarfini Fins - FX Manta - (Future) Medium
Scarfini Fins - FX Manta - (Future) Medium

Scarfini Fins

Scarfini Fins - FX Manta - (Future) Medium

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FX Manta - (M) Medium - Future Base

Optimum weight range for surfers from 60-80kg or 135-175lbs

The MANTA fin is a true test of how combining two opposite fin templates with two different flex patterns,
can work in sync for a special feel.  The frontal MANTA fins have a large base, height and rake with
a carbon fibre design, to create a stiff  base and leading edge for more drive and acceleration, with a flexible tip
to reduce drag and adding a whipping sensation  in each turn . Meanwhile the smaller size and shorter 
rake of the centre fin, has a quicker tail release incorporating a carbon template that mantains its rigidity for

MANTA fin set is an easier fin to ride because  it’s ideal for any surfer, no matter what their 
skills due to its great stability and easy turning capabilities with a loose tail feel from the centre fin.  It will work 
well in every day type of conditions , beach or point break.

This magic setup is made up of two different fin templates. The HX4 side fins and HX1 centre fin, featuring a combination of carbon design. The carbon on the larger and more raked side fin creates a stiffer base and leading edge for extra drive and speed but with a flexible lively tip. Meanwhile the small and short raked centre fin works as a quick tail release with a carbon template that maintains rigidity for control.

Front Fins

Base: 117mm/ 4.61"

Height: 119mm/ 4.69"

Area: 10050mm2/ 15.55"2

Centre Fin

Base: 107mm/ 4.2"

Height: 112mm/ 4.41"

Area: 9172mm2/ 14.22"2


Handmade honeycomb fibreglass Shark Skin Coating & Carbon Fibre base

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