3DFins - XCS Lite (Future) - X-Small - Salmon


3DFins - XCS Lite (Future) - X-Small - Salmon

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3DFins - XCS Lite (Future) - X-Small - Salmon

The XCS LITE XS is the grommet dream. It's super fast, super responsive and super fun. Perfect to add a bit more speed, power and control to your turns.

They're also super smooth through transitions.  The dimples don't just increase speed, they have great hold in bottom turns with mad release off the top.  Suitable for the majority of conditions, with the new bright colors they look insane in and out of the water.

Optimum weight ranges: 45-64kg (99-143lb)

The MOONRAKERR™ is Josh Kerr's signature fin, with patented dimple technology.  It has been designed to give extra speed and drive, both down the line and through critical turns.  Independent tests have proven the dimples on the MOONRAKERR surf fin increase lift and drive by up to 15%.  This gives a surfer the ability to gain more speed.  And with more speed, comes the opportunity for more advanced manoeuvres.

Material: Composite

Base: 4.26" / 108mm
Height: 4.22" / 107mm
Area: 13.03"² / 8405mm²
Sweep: 32.0°
Foil: IFT


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