3DFins - Giorgio Gomez (Future) 5 Fin Set (2+1 and Quad)


3DFins - Giorgio Gomez (Future) 5 Fin Set (2+1 and Quad)

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3DFins - Giorgio Gomez (Future) 5 Fin Set (2+1 and Quad) "Have a Nice Day"

Giorgio Gomez is fast becoming recognised in the SURF/SUP world as a major new innovator. Recently credited as pulling off the first air reverse on a SUP. His new Signature series is based on Giorgio’s innovative Surfing needs. The front fins are large enough for plenty of hold with raked template for down the line drive.

The rear Quads are a small medium template allowing for plenty of drive and release. Ride them as a quad in high performance SURF/SUP boards for a ridiculously fast responsive feel. The Center fin has a longboard box fin base giving riders the chance to have a smaller rear template for a more traditional Thruster feel.  Or use all 5 fins for a great fin set up for paddle control in flat water or for extra hold and drive in waves.

*Included: 5 Fins (1 Box fin, 2 Side fins and 2 rear quad fins)

Weight75kg up ( 165lb)


Material: Fibreglass/Hexcore

Side Fins:

Base:     4.65" (118mm)

Depth:   4.75" (120.65mm)

Rear Box Fin:

Depth:    4.5" (114mm)

Foil:        50/50

Quad Rear Fins:

Base:     4.29" (109mm)

Depth:    4.42" (112mm)

Sweep:   32.4 degrees


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