3DFins - Fastlight 2+1(Futures) - Medium


3DFins - Fastlight 2+1(Futures) - Medium

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3DFins - Fastlight 2+1(Futures) - Medium

This 2+1 set includes a Longboard centre fin and 2 Futures base side fins.  The 6.25" single fin Template has a relaxed rake combined with 6.0 side bites upright template allow for vertical attacks, combined with the Hexcore construction creates a fast, light, high performance fin set up..

Material: Fibreglass/Hexcore

Side Fins:

Height: 4.56"
Base: 4.34"
Rake: 32 degrees

Foil:  Flat

Box Fin:

Depth: 6.25"

Foil: 50/50


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