Shapers Fins - Driver Tri-Quad-5 Fin (FCS) - Blue - Medium/Large

Shapers Fins

Shapers Fins - Driver Tri-Quad-5 Fin (FCS) - Blue - Medium/Large

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Shapers Fins - Driver Tri-Quad-5 Fin (FCS) - Blue - Medium/Large

The Driver commands power surfing, it drives hard and fast! Wide fin base for drive, width maintained through the fins tips for hold and an overall stiffer flex pattern that punches through powerful surf, loads up when put on rail and then releases energy, providing serious drive and speed. The Driver is a well balanced template, purpose built to suit a wide variety of surf conditions (beaches and pint breaks), however will excel in potent waves, holding and driving through power turns! 

5 Fins in Set



MEDIUM-Large 75-90kgs / 165-200lbs

Side Base: 116mm | 4.55" 
Side Depth: 117mm | 4.60" 
Side Sweep: 35 degrees 
Side Foil: Inner Foil Tech

Rear Base: 116mm | 4.55" 
Rear Depth: 115mm | 4.52" 
Rear Sweep: 35 degrees 
Rear Foil: 50/50 

Quad Base: 101mm | 3.98" 
Quad Depth: 103mm | 4.05" 
Quad Sweep: 34 Degree 
Quad Foil: 80/20


The Spectrum® Series is a highly technical fin construction that delivers pure performance through an effective 4-phase kinetic flex pattern, giving surfers maximum feel and control. Engineered by using a complex blend of materials, layered in a format that specifically controls the fins flex. Materials used in the Spectrum series include the likes of Texalium (stiffer than fibreglass but more flex than carbon) and different styles a carbons and kevlar, blended seamlessly into the same fin.



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